5 Most Useful Training Courses for Trades

Do you want to go to a less traditional school or enhance your current career? Find out why you should look into trade schools.

5 Most Useful Training Courses for Trades

5 Most Useful Training Courses for Trades

21 November 2017
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Many trade courses claim to make you more employable and useful in your work. However, some of them teach skills that you will never use again. This list of courses aims to provide you with guidelines on the most in-demand, employable trade qualifications available. From forklift training to scaffolding training, the right course for your skill set does exist. Undertaking these training courses will ensure that you can bring new skills to your job, whether that job is in construction or warehouse work.  

Forklift Training

In order to operate a forklift in accordance with health and safety regulations, you need to complete a course. Forklift training will give you the skills to manoeuvre, load and unload a forklift. Whether you're working as a builder or a packer, having the qualification to take over forklift driving when needed will make you a useful and efficient employee. More advantages are that forklift training courses don't take long (usually a day or two), and driving a forklift can be fun.

Joinery Training

Joinery training gives you a more obscure, but still in demand, skill. The training will be used for making essential fixtures such as doors and windows. This course takes about a year to complete, but once you have a qualification in joinery you will easily find employment. Skills in joinery are in high demand due to the recent building boom. 

Confined Spaces Training

Confined spaces training is a good choice for anyone looking to get involved in the mining industry. It will teach you how to manage and recognize the risks of working in confined spaces underground. For certain construction sites, it is also useful because it allows you to safely visit underground sections of the building site in compliance with regulations.

Scaffolding Training

Scaffolding training is a must for anyone looking to get involved in the recent building boom. Not only will it give you the ability to paint or build houses from above, you'll also get to learn about the structure and set-up of scaffolding. To get involved in the construction industry, scaffolding training is a must. 

Crane Training

Learning to use a crane is another great skill for use in the construction industry. Rather than simply standing on the sidelines as goods are craned into high places, you'll be able to get actively involved. Think of this course as a level up (both figuratively and literally) from forklift training.

Take your pick from these in-demand trade courses. From scaffolding training to forklift training, there's a way to get involved in the trades for everyone.  

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